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Here at the USCSSO, we believe in keeping research, discussion, and analysis on U.S.-China relations accessible to all who wish to contribute to and learn from our platform. Accordingly, we are committed to not requiring membership dues and rely on the generous support of our affiliated institutions and donors.

We greatly appreciate all support as we work to inform more conscientious and productive student discourse about U.S.-China relations on our campus at George Washington University and beyond. You can access our
GoFundMe page with the button above and we thank you for your support.

100% of our funds go towards:


Contributors at the USCSSO are constantly pitching new ideas, working on new projects, and publishing new work. In the Spring of 2022 alone, we released over 10 publications and counting, in addition to a weekly newsletter, special edition newsletter, and numerous specialized research projects. Funds go towards accessing sources blocked by paywalls and covering the costs of experimental research. Your contributions help us continue providing well-sourced, accurate, and multi-perspective analyses that advance the understanding of U.S.-China relations for us and our audiences alike.


The USCSSO holds an average of 15 organization and co-sponsored events each academic year. Funds go toward venue bookings and related fees, costs of printing and distributing promotional materials, and renting professional technology to properly record and share our events. Our events help connect students with professionals in the field and offer many students valuable insight into what their future profession in the International Affairs field may look like. Student organizers also gain valuable communication and professional skills with frequent opportunities to moderate and arrange our events. Any support will go a long way in making our events bigger and better for wider audiences and distinguished guest speakers.


While posting regularly on our social media accounts and website, the USCSSO has gained hundreds of followers across various platforms. We believe that the research and hard work of students deserve both space and a spotlight, and are therefore committed to publishing student research and creating accessible infographics. Funds go toward necessary design technologies, including Canva Pro, upkeep of our website with the Wix Premium Plan, and internal communication with Slack. Your contributions will go a long way in offering the next generation of emerging student thinkers first-hand experience in the research and publishing process, and allow us to continue bringing our work to your screens.

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